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CH Enterprises & Interactive Taste Inc. are the same LLC that both provide strategic planning and creative delivery of events in the music industry, venue industry, non-profit, corporate, and real estate related sectors. Whether it be a fun and vibrant record release party, or a high net-worth investor or home buyer event catered to luxury buyers or sellers, Claire Hultin has produced all types of these specific incorporated events.

Claire’s company has previously worked with many organizations from the Chamber of Commerce in Sweden, Isle of MTV-Malta, Scanbalt Cruise, City of Gothenburg for National Pride, to managing events within The Standard Hotel in Los Angeles to the Ice Hotel in Sweden, from partnering with major influencers, brands, and fashion tycoons including, the most influential Panos Emporio, Victoria Secret, Sky Vodka, TV Celebrity Chef Lauren Lawless, Timothy Maurice, & many others that have chosen to implement their events with Claire. She has also worked with Berber, Son & Garden, Tongue and Groove, Sticky Fingers, Valand, Yaki-Da, Soho, 251 Rhode island, & many other venues. 

Her company has provided extensive event services while also providing PR/Marketing for corporate companies, artists, tourism companies, and now primarily focusing on real estate incorporated events. Claire has provided services in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Gothenburg, Sweden, Stockholm, Malta, Latvia, Riga and now San Francisco – for artists record release parties, fashion events, HBTQ events, international events, conferences, corporate events, while also managing artist and DJ bookings, tourism tours and events, all through her company.

Claire has also managed up to 50 interns from Chalmers and Gothenburg University students per year additional to employees, while delegating tasks related towards their degree and major such as business, journalism, and communications. She has also managed over 14,400 – 28,000 returning customers locally in each particular city – per year within the event sector. 


What People are Saying

“Fantastic Food & Drinks”

“This event had everything! Fantastic food and drinks, great music, and completely unbelievable art and fashion in an atmosphere like no other! Interactive Taste of San Francisco has created a unique experience that needs to be experienced firsthand!” 

– Ernesto Altamirano

“Fabulous food & flawless service”

“Interactive Taste of San Francisco exceeds expectations of high-end fashion, food, artists, and tech influencers. They have a catering service that offers every recipe you could imagine. The events and pop ups they produce have brought a taste to San Francisco like no other!”

– Aryan Rahimzadeh

“Chefs Cooking Live”

“This collective knows how to throw an amazing interactive event. From chefs cooking live giving the whole audience delectable courses to live performances featuring dancers and musicians. It is a unique experience that will be appreciated throughout the Bay Area and beyond.”

– Michael Magnetic

“Innovative, Art, Fashion, Tech”

Come and check out the most innovative food themed event concepts combining art, fashion, and technology into one amazing tastefully made interactive work of art!” This is a first for San Francisco to see such amazing event projects come forth!”

-Mariya Milovidova

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